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RISM is an enterprise dedicated to the management of careers in professional sports. RISM started its activities in 2011 with offices in Canada, Portugal and Guiné Bissau. RISM has since then partnered with many professionals throughout Europe, Brazil and various other countries.
RISM is led by FIFA Agent Rui Rocha who, with his many years of involvement in soccer (Football) has been able to create strong relationships with key people in various clubs though in Europe and in other countries throughout the world.

RISM represents several coaches and soccer (Football) players, providing them with a rigorous and professional support. Our objective is not only to assist in the development of the athletes skills as players through our programs, but also to help them on their personal development.

The discovery and promotion of promising youngsters is the main goal of this agency. The RISM group, and all our staff, is committed in providing a friendly family oriented environment. This is easily achieved by the fact that these are precisely the guidelines of the RISM group, and also of our team of competent and dedicated professionals.